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Join these sisters and friends of Alpha Chi Omega who are making a difference through their gifts to the Real. Strong. Women. Fund during Day of Giving 2023! The color-coded carnations in the donor listing indicate that donor's participation in Alpha Chi Omega Foundation recognition programs. The Foundation appreciates the loyal support of all donors and is proud to recognize them for the wide variety of ways in which they support the Foundation. The color-coded carnations represent the following Foundation recognition programs:
 Foundation Partners - Donors who make automatic monthly gifts to the Real. Strong. Women. Fund
 Golden Lyre Society - Donor for 25 or more consecutive years
 Heritage Society - Recognizes donors who have designated Alpha Chi Omega Foundation as a beneficiary of their estate plans
 Leadership Circle - Donor with gifts of $1,000 or more to the Real. Strong. Women. Fund this year
 Life Loyal Roll - Donor with $299 or more of cumulative giving to the Foundation
 Scarlet Ribbon Society - Collegiate members who have made gifts of $18.85 of more to the Real. Strong. Women. Fund this year

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Delta Pi Delta Chapter 100623 
Epsilon Xi Epsilon Chapter 100052 
Eta Rho Eta Chapter 100177 
Gamma Psi Gamma Chapter 100610 
Gamma Theta Gamma Chapter 100553 
Mu Mu Chapter 100020 
Nu Xi Nu Chapter 100697 
Omicron Phi Omicron Chapter 343115 
Julie Erselius Abeln (Alpha Nu, University of Missouri) 167905ABELN, JULIE
Susie Baker Adams (Alpha Phi, The University of Texas at Austin) 179350ADAMS, SUZANNE
Stephanie Albiani (Iota Alpha, Alumnae Initiates) 520724ALBIANI, STEPHANIE
Mallory Aldrich (Beta Lambda, University of Arizona) 299690ALDRICH, MALLORY
Tracy Williams Allen (Delta Pi, University of Tennessee, Knoxville) 247126ALLEN, TRACY
Christine Thompson Andersen (Alpha Kappa, University of Oregon) 161921ANDERSEN, CHRISTINE
Judy Evans Anderson (Alpha Lambda, University of Minnesota) 163312ANDERSON, JUDY
Paula Cope Andreani (Alpha Eta, University of Mount Union) 158001ANDREANI, PAULA
Alexa Apallas (Alpha Psi, UCLA) 184753APALLAS, ALEXA
Tina Artman (Delta Kappa, Sam Houston State University) 241971ARTMAN, TINA
Jari Askins (Psi, The University of Oklahoma) 146029ASKINS, JARI
Paula Athey 498613ATHEY, PAULA
Brenda Bell Bacha (Phi, University of Kansas) 141532BACHA, BRENDA
Francie Vining Bachman (Gamma Zeta, Kansas State University) 218638BACHMAN, FRANCES
Alli Badgero (Delta Zeta, Central Michigan University) 309173BADGERO, ALLISON
Mary Kacmarcik Baker (Delta Mu, University of Massachusetts) 243777BAKER, MARY
Ann Baker-Zainea (Epsilon Zeta, Auburn University) 254424BAKER-ZAINEA, ANN
Justine Scott Baldacci (Epsilon, University of Southern California) 111772BALDACCI, JUSTINE
Sheri Baldwin (Phi, University of Kansas) 141390BALDWIN, SHERISSE
Julie Pannier Balk (Beta Nu, University of Utah) 199097BALK, JULIE
Rhonda Anderson Baltier (Theta Kappa, University of Memphis) 278441BALTIER, RHONDA
Jeanie Zimpel Baltz (Delta Rho, University of Arkansas) 247908BALTZ, JEAN
Dr. Paula Curlee Barnes (Delta Rho, University of Arkansas) 248146BARNES, PAULA
Holly Landry Barnett (Phi, University of Kansas) 141958BARNETT, HOLLY
Geri Allen Barr (Alpha Rho, University of Idaho) 172994BARR, GERI
Kimberly Bartak (Gamma Zeta, Kansas State University) 219585BARTAK, KIMBERLY
LaVone Wohlbier Bartine (Alpha Lambda, University of Minnesota) 163156BARTINE, LAVONE
Ruth Ann Bartlett (Beta Sigma, University of Georgia) 205312BARTLETT, RUTH
Sally Fike Batz (Alpha Nu, University of Missouri) 167373BATZ, SALLY
Co O'Sullivan Bauman (Alpha Nu, University of Missouri) 167760BAUMAN, COLLEEN
Emilie Van Hook Beagle (Upsilon, Millikin University) 140115BEAGLE, EMILIE
Mary Ann Eggers Beahon (Alpha Nu, University of Missouri) 167291BEAHON, MARY ANN