Past Conventions

The Road To Indianapolis 2024 

Each Alpha Chi Omega is on her own unique journey, but our paths will cross in the “Racing Capital of the World” in July. For our 62nd National Convention, we’ll be back in Indiana, home of our founding and our current headquarters – check out where we’ve held our 61 previous conventions. Start planning your trip to Indianapolis today!

Since 1891, our national conventions have given members a chance to reconnect with one another and conduct the business of the Fraternity. Now you can rediscover convention memories on our history website or review the map and list below to recall which conventions you attended. 

United States illustrated map with pinpoints marking each location of previous Alpha Chi Omega conventions.

2022 Bellevue, Washington
2018 Austin, Texas
2016 Orlando, Florida 
2014 Palm Desert, California 
2012 St. Louis, Missouri
2010 Washington D.C.
2008 Scottsdale, Arizona
2006 Chicago, Illinois
2004 Orlando, Florida
2002 Denver, Colorado
2000 Indianapolis, Indiana
1998 Norfolk, Virginia
1996 San Diego, California
1994 Dallas, Texas
1992 St. Louis, Missouri
1990 Tarpon Springs, Florida
1988 Palm Desert, California
1985 Indianapolis, Indiana
1983 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1980 New Orleans, Louisiana
1978 Scottsdale, Arizona
1976 Minneapolis, Minnesota
1974 Atlanta, Georgia
1972 Chicago, Illinois
1970 Portland, Oregon
1968 Dallas, Texas
1966 Portsmouth, New Hampshire
1964 Colorado Springs, Colorado
1962 Miami Beach, Florida
1960 French Lick, Indiana
1957 Pasadena, California
1955 White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1953 Banff, Alberta, Canada
1951 Roanoke, Virginia
1949 Pasadena, California
1947 Quebec, Canada
1943 Chicago, Illinois
1941 Pasadena, California
1939 Quebec, Canada
1937 Glacier National Park, Montana
1935 White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1935 Washington, D. C.
1935 Greencastle, Indiana
1930 Del Monte, California
1928 Mackinac Island, Michigan
1926 Alberta, Canada
1924 Swampscott, Massachusetts
1922 Colorado Springs, Colorado
1919 Chicago, Illinois
1915 Long Beach, California
1912 Madison, Wisconsin
1910 Detroit, Michigan
1908 Champaign, Illinois
1906 Greencastle, Indiana
1904 Meadville, Pennsylvania
1902 Evanston, Illinois
1900 Boston, Massachusetts
1898 Albion, Michigan
1897 Greencastle, Indiana
1896 Meadville, Pennsylvania
1894 Evanston, Illinois
1893 Albion, Michigan
1891 Greencastle, Indiana